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Nomatic Folk No.3 p.1

:: Nomatic Folk:: editorial

Sunday 1 January 1995

Nomadic Folk is a zine dedicated to creating movement among poor folks a movement that crosses borders, a movement that questions, threatens, and changes the existing order of things. Nomadic Folk is a zine that is tired of waiting, waiting for the revolution, the second coming. It is time to create the new within the husk of the old Nomadic Folk as a zine that is firmly rooted in history and from history it draws up a well of strength to confront the future and live in the present.

The goal of Nomadic Folk is to create dialogue, to break the silence. The goal is to push people to learn, question, grow; to see the connection they have with their surroundings Out of this reflection comes action, no more reaction.

Monadic Folk is a collaboration of many folks efforts and energy. It is designed, written, and produced by world travelers, nomads, illegal aliens all with a commitment to sharing knowledge and using this knowledge in a non-exploitative way: the only way this knowledge can be used and understood.

Special Thanxs to Fly Johnson, Khunta, Baba, Steph-I, Air, Ethan, EPN, Daisy, Kosmonaut, Movement of the Lotus, Bagger, Lou, STAB, Dos Blacos, Laura D., Joy, Darius, Gentle, Spike, Lugones, Joshua, (S)preading, (C)reativity, Rudy, Paul, and Francisco.

Contributions of art and written work for future issues can be transmitted in person or by mail:
Nomadic Folk
P.O. Box 20901
NY, NY 10009

This zine extends beyond its covers. Please copy, translate, and reproduce it, but always be respectful and acknowledge people’s creative accomplishments and never use it an exploitative manner. By no means should someone be making money off of the labor of others.

One Love

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