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Nomatic Folk No.3, p.48

Proposal for Squatters March on City Hall

Sunday 1 January 1995 (Date of earlier publishing: 1 January 1995).

What is City Hall, the fortress, the citadel of New York City, occupied territory, the heart of the beast.
What is the goal. To create and defend a liberated/autonomous zone at the heart of the beast. Even there they can not occupy the spirit, hold back the movement. STABBED in the heart.
To build, to create. What will we build? Something that manifests our energy and spirit. Something with wood, hammers, nails. We need music, dancing, costumes. We need materials, we need tools. We need people to defend our construction from those who want to see it destroyed. It should be able to support people, it should have a roof and an inside. Perhaps got who want to narrate can do so from the top of this structure.
Our festival should last until they start to break through our lines. And when they do we need to decide what we are going to do will our structure. Should we destroy it, should we let them destroy it. If we were to destroy it how would we do it, dismantle it, perhaps fire.
It could be the flame that powers us to work towards bigger autonomous zones. Bigger coalition. A liberated Manhattan.

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