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Nomatic Folk No.3,p.20

The Downfall of Disease-Giver

Carlos Cortez, reprinted from Gone to Croatan

Sunday 1 January 1995

Long ago before the god of the Blue Eyes
Was known by the Tribe,
The Tribe knew many Gods and Spirit:
Earth Spirit, Water Spirit, Sky Spirit, Corn Spirit,
Buffalo Spirit, Fish Spirit, Moon Princess, and many others
Who were believed in and loved by the Tribe.
Only one Spirit was feared, and that was Disease-Giver,
Who terrorized everyone.
Everyone but one crazy young man named Tall Coyote.
Tall Coyote laughed at Disease-Giver.
And said he did not believe in him.
So why should he be afraid of him?
The rest of the Tribe shook their heads sadly, for they knew
For such defiance, Disease-Giver would punish
Poor crazy Tall Coyote.
Sure enough, one day Disease-Giver accosted Tall Coyote
In from of all the Tribe, and said to him:
"Tall Coyote I have come to kill you!"
That crazy Tall Coyote, he just laughed and said:
"Disease-Giver, I don’t believe in you; you cannot hurt me!"
Disease-Giver, he got red in the face and told him to die.
But Tall Coyote kept on laughing.
Again Disease-Giver told him to die;
But Tall Coyote kept on laughing.
After long hours Tall Coyote still laughed;
And Disease-Giver said: "Tall Coyote, please die!"
But Tall Coyote kept on laughing.
Disease-Giver said: "Please, Tall Coyote,
At least have a headache! You are making me lose face!"
But Tall Coyote laughed harder than ever.
It was then Disease-Giver decided
To leave the village of the Tribe
With his tail between his legs,
And was never seen again.
The mind can be a jail, but it also be a mountain.

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